I’m a photography and video artist based in Melbourne. My works have typically been on location to suit the type of imagery that my clients would like to achieve but I’ve equally done as much work in studio environments.

Portrait and Event photography constitute the bulk of the projects I’ve been part of. I’ve also worked as a correspondent for Anime News Network. Since 2004, I’ve edited videos that have since earned distinctions in anime conventions both nationally and internationally.

For me, photography is about two things; the art and having fun. Whether it’s a paid professional shoot or an impromptu street photo, the results always have a natural beauty to them when both the clients and myself are having fun and in that beauty you will easily find the art.

You can follow me and some of my work online through the links below. For any enquiries or just a chat please contact me on info@imigence.com. You can also click on my journal link for my latest adventures!

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