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  • Fall To The Darkside

    This has been the most ambitious personal project I’ve taken on to date. It combines some of the […]

    06/2/13Comments Off on Fall To The Darkside
  • Cosplay Mosaic

    The first of these pictures date back to 2009. As with everything else in my photography history, I […]

    05/23/13Comments Off on Cosplay Mosaic
  • Favourite Photos 2012

    Finally, my 2012 favourite photos compilation is complete! I had hoped to put this together much earlier but […]

    02/26/13Comments Off on Favourite Photos 2012
  • Welcome & Wai-Con Report

    Honestly, I didn’t think that I was going to be upgrading my website so soon given that it’s […]

    02/18/13Comments Off on Welcome & Wai-Con Report