Favourite Photos 2012

Finally, my 2012 favourite photos compilation is complete! I had hoped to put this together much earlier but there was a backlog of photos to back up and I didn’t want to start this until everything I’ve worked on over the past year was accounted for to make sure that I didn’t miss on a single shot. I took somewhere around the vicinity of 20,000 photos this time around which is about a third of how much I took in 2011 so I can definitely say this was a much quieter year. That said, I think it was one of those years where I probably grew more as an artist because I was a lot more focused on making good shots instead of just making a lot.

Again I want to preface this list as being my favourites. They may not be technically or artistically the best but for me they are photos which have struck a chord in me. I hope they invoke something inside you too.

#1 Ending Moments
This was obviously a heavily manipulated shot as took this out in the field in the middle of a game. I just thought I wanted to isolate and somehow capture what was going on in Andy’s mind at the time.


best2012_002 best2012_004 best2012_003
#2 Hawkeye, Crux and Itami
I like Hawkeye for technical execution, Crux for atmosphere and Itami for emotion. Whichever way you look at them, they’re just things that make you go, “whoa”


best2012_006 best2012_007
#3 Chie, Passing Moment, Dream Concert and Christmas Asuka
Just like last year, I think these photos could have easily been part of my #2 list. They highlight a moment, either in my life or in the scene we were trying to capture and it just makes me sit back a bit, reminisce and enjoy that moment all over again.


best2012_013 best2012_014
#4 Mako, Roshan & Family, Tram Stop and Backstage
Honorable mentions that I couldn’t just take away from the list. It’s tough trying to whittle down a selection of things you like and sometimes you just have to give in!

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