• Cosplay Mosaic

    The first of these pictures date back to 2009. As with everything else in my photography history, I never really searched out the opportunity to do these shoots; they kind of just happened. Fast forward 4 years later and I find that cosplays have become my most often photographed subject and many of the shoots still remain impromptu events.

    There are 266 cosplay characters shown here. There are a few shoots which I didn’t include because they were either of people that I didn’t know that well (i.e. just did the shoot as a favour to a friend) or I was not the main photographer. There are also some costumes that I didn’t include because they were re-shoots of the cosplayer wearing the same costume. At the same time, there’s also some photos here which weren’t from a pre-planned shoot which I just didn’t want to leave out.

    I wanted to do a bit of a school photo style compilation but with the varying poses and angles often peppering the eclectic style in cosplay, I soon found it a very difficult task to find shots where the person was faced full forward. In the end, I settled for just having them at least staring right at the lens. I also thought about either grouping the shots for each cosplayer so they can see their progression over time or grouping the same characters (I’ve shot quite a few Mikus and Wakos) but I think showing it in chronological order makes more sense.

    I just want to thank all of the cosplayers that I have met and have become friends with over the years. You are all awesome!

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