Glittering Crux

I’m a person that’s all about salvaging something out of any situation, no matter how wrong it might have turned out. There are always moments when you’ll need to give up but it’s a satisfying experience when you actually create something that in technical terms was a failure to begin with.

The photo below is from a Star Driver shoot (my fourth one, if memory serves me correctly) a few months ago. I had three flashes set up; key light is on the front right corner, fill light on the front left and one flash in the back right pointing parallel to them for rim lighting and illuminate the fog. As (bad) luck would have it of course, the key light kept misfiring all day (and I was down to my last set of batteries). Click here for the original result.


To be honest, though the original photo was technically a mistake, I actually liked it as it was anyway. So I had a choice, upload it as it was or try to see what I can achieve with image editing. After I realised that I can bring out more detail from the shadows and end up with this more dramatic rather than just foreboding shot like the original was, I didn’t look back.

I’m definitely guilty of over-editing photos (which I never end up releasing) but maybe in the end I can’t be blamed for doing so when it can yield results that end up mesmerising me.

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